Sakarya University that embrances the institutional improvement as an institutional culture, carries out the approaches throughout the whole organisation institutionally. The most important ones of these approaches are Strategic Management, Process Management and Quality Management. The Enterprise Management Information System is to support all leaders and units of Sakarya University in order execute of these approaches within the university.

To educate entrepreneurs who contribute to the commonly shared core values of humanity and to produce information, technology and service with universal appeal.

To become a university that shapes the future of its stakeholders both in Turkey and in the world by means of its universally accepted information and technology produced.


To believe in the universal nature of science,
To promote academic freedom,
To maintain governance,
To prevail continous improvement,
To abide by ethical principles,


Student Centeredness
Academic Achievement
Innovation and Creativity
Empowering Information Technology
Encouraging the Use and Sharing of the Information Produced
Change Management
Development and Motivation of the Staff
Team Work and Governance

Previous Systems

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S.1 - To continuously improve the educational and teaching content in line with the universal understanding of science.
S.2 - To ensure efficient use of information technology and deployment in processes and facilities.
S.3 - To ensure sustainability of education via distance and lifelong learning projects.
S.4 - To improve the level of internationalisation in education and training via international mobility and cooperation.
S.5 - To generate and support scientific studies by taking into account regional, national and international priorities.
S.6 - To delivery and support service at regional, national and international scale for habitable and sustainable future.
S.7 - To provide required administrative support and improve continuously to achieve institutional goals and objectives
S.8 - To develop partnerships and innovation culture based on stakeholder satisfaction to ensure institutional progress.